What are Smilemi Toothpicks?

SmileMi Toothpicks are a new and fun way to advertise your company. Not only are they a great way for advertising but they are helping millions of people around the world with hygiene and keeping a clean smile. SmileMi Toothpicks is a new patented product that has combined the toothpick with a small, high quality, flexible mirror included in each pack with your company logo printed on the back of each mirror.

You also have the option of QR coding beside your logo. We have found that not only is it a great way to advertise, but its helping others with hygiene and keeping a clean smile. Our aim is to help companies with a new and fun way of advertising. Hotels, restaurants and airlines can not only give their customers something new, fun and hygienic, but so the customers can take something home to remember the experience, quality and service they received.

An added bonus to our product is that airlines could sell the marketing space provided, as every time a passenger receives a meal they will be sure to use the toothpick and mirror provided and will be exposed to the company logo on the back. It’s a great way to advertise to every single passenger onboard, and help them keep a clean smile.